Aircraft Cup Sex Toy 5-Frequency Sucking and 10-Frequency Automatic Male Masturbator Toy

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With this Aircraft Cup Sex Toy, a world of pleasure and innovation awaits. Whether you’re exploring solo delights or seeking to amplify shared intimate moments, this male sex toy promises an experience that transcends boundaries. Immerse yourself in innovation, design, and heightened pleasure as you redefine the art of self-indulgence.

  • The Best Male Masturbator Toy
    Indulge in an unparalleled journey of satisfaction with our best-in-class Male Masturbator Toy. Crafted to redefine your intimate experiences, this innovative adult sex toy offers a combination of features that will take your pleasure to a whole new level.
  • 5-Frequency Mode
    Engage in authentic pleasure with the 5-frequency sucking mode. Designed to simulate the sensations of oral pleasure, this advanced feature introduces a new level of ecstasy that mimics the rhythm of real encounters.

  • 10-Frequency Automatic Cup
    Experience a new era of pleasure with the 10-frequency automatic masturbation cup. This innovative function takes control of your sensations, replicating the rhythm of intimacy and providing a dynamic motion that promises electrifying satisfaction.

  • Material:

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    1 review for Aircraft Cup Sex Toy 5-Frequency Sucking and 10-Frequency Automatic Male Masturbator Toy

    1. GV

      Compared to other automatic units, this one is totally unique! It is like a soft spinning massage for your member. The cup is loaded with silicone nodules that engulf the top half while there is an insert that can help with the bottom. It is simple to use with an up and down switch to change between modes. I like switching between the first two for a great back and forth combination.
      I read through the comments and saw complaints about not being to fully insert into the cup, but it’s not designed for that feel. This is an excellent toy in my opinion as it delivers a whole different feel.
      Works best with a fair amount of lube.
      It has lots of different speeds with the modes and really gives you some great feeling.
      The battery lasts quite a while. Several uses before recharging. I feel like it is a good price and I have had no issues after several months of use. This one is also great to have a partner use on you!

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