Automatic Vibrating & Thrusting Male Masturbator with Real Vaginal Sensation

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This Male Masturbator combines thrust, vibration, and one-click bursting for an unparalleled experience. It engulfs your penis with a unique inner sleeve construction, delivering a realistic and intimate blowjob encounter, deep throat sensations, and unforgettable orgasms.

  • 5 Thrust & 5 Vibration Modes
    Prepare for an exhilarating journey with 5 powerful thrust and 5 vibration modes. The thrust device expertly contracts and expands, stimulating every pleasure spot of your penis. The built-in bullet vibrator, seamlessly connected to the pocket pussy sleeve, offers delightful rubbing sensations that enhance your pleasure.
  • One-Click Orgasm
    Designed for both beginners and advanced players, the one-button burst mode offers a thrilling adventure. All functions synergize to reach maximum frequency, delivering exciting vibrations and pulsations that guide you to an intense orgasm. This sex toy for men allows you to indulge in repeated pleasure anytime you desire.

  • Unmatched Comfort and Hygiene
    Experience pure comfort with the super-soft sleeve designed in harmony with the female vaginal structure. Its realistic 3D texture, soft raised particles, remarkable elasticity, and flexibility cater to any penis size. After each use, effortlessly remove the inner sleeve and rinse with cold or lukewarm water for a quick and easy cleanup.

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    1 review for Automatic Vibrating & Thrusting Male Masturbator with Real Vaginal Sensation

    1. Lina

      This item came in a very nice and discrete box. Once I opened it, I immediately loved the size and the looks. It has a nice grip and the different suction modes are fantastic. I bought this to spice things up with my husband and this is my new best friend. He hesitated at first, but boy oh boy it does a better job than me! I decided to use the lubricant towards the end and that blew it over the top!!!! I definitely recommend it. And no, I’m not jealous of it. The satisfying look on his face made This product Worth ever penny. Easy to clean and easy to use.

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