Inflatable Prostate Massager Anal Vibrator:10 Vibration Modes 3 Inflatable Sizes

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This inflatable prostate massager offers 10 vibration and 3 inflatable sizes, including interval, continuous, and high frequency modes, which provide varied sensations. You can choose the frequency that suits you best.

  • With a simple click of the inflation button, this vibrator automatically expands, allowing you to tailor the size for ultimate fullness and heightened enjoyment. Crafted from premium skin-friendly soft silicone, every moment will be a safe and comfortable delight.
  • Rest easy knowing that the inflatable feature ensures a controlled and limited size, eliminating any concerns of going too far. Our Anal Expansion experience guarantees the utmost safety and enjoyment.
  • To enhance your pleasure journey, our P-spot vibrator comes equipped with a wireless remote, enabling effortless control of both vibration and inflation. The remote boasts an impressive range of approximately 10 meters, granting you the freedom to explore new levels of excitement from a distance.
  • Unveil a world of pleasure and exploration with our Automatic Inflation Anal Plug Vibrator. Discover the perfect size and indulge in thrilling sensations like never before. Elevate your intimate experiences with this innovative and customizable pleasure toy.

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    3 reviews for Inflatable Prostate Massager Anal Vibrator:10 Vibration Modes 3 Inflatable Sizes

    1. Rbi

      my partner ordered this and one other as a surprise, and while i was skeptical at first, this really changes sex for us. i have endometriosis and some other pelvic issues and it’s hard for me to have fun during sex but this definitely helps! my partner really likes it too which is generally not the case. but if he’s the one grabbing the toys he always pulls this one out too which says a lot. lol.

    2. Hunt

      This is my first toy. First off, kind of big for a beginner. Lube with your finger, then lube the device up. Before u even start, get used to the buttons and what they do. Now, I’m about 7.5 inches, med thickness. Wrapping the first ring around your unit, lube up first cause its tight. Then put your balls in, then start to insert. My lord, I first used the different vibration modes. It vibrates in all the right places and has lots of variations. I think if I just played with the modes I could cum hands free cause it was quick. Next time I tried thrusting, uh wow! Enough said. This thing fit my anatomy almost perfectly.

    3. YU

      I originally bought this to use on the wife since we own a bunch of different toys but realized we never tried this style of toy before. Our first impression was the toy was the perfect size (slightly smaller than a microphone) and very discreet looking. I’ve seen a few videos where the massager looks like a tool a chiropractor would use on a patient recovering from a spinal injury. Once charged we turned it on. At first the vibrations seemed too strong for the wife especially because this toy goes on and around the area not inside like a vibrator. After a bit of foreplay we began to use the toy and she loved it. We used the standard same frequency vibration setting nothing fancy. It has so many different settings and you can program the ones you like easily so you do not have to sit their trying to find the ones you like mid use. I could tell she enjoyed the feeling just by having it rest on her she loved the intense vibrations. I tried a few of the settings but it seemed to be too much for her first try and we kept it at the standard original setting. She loved the feeling and the fact that this toy is intended for the outside you can spice it up by using a small vibrator at the same time. Just be prepared to change out the sheets if you do. Now here’s the kicker! For any guy who has no idea (like me) apparently guys can have an intense stroke free orgasm by placing the massager on their tip or around that area. The first time it touched my tip it was a different feeling but in a very good way. The best way to describe the sensation is a throbbing blood rush feeling like your about to burst out of your skin. Within probably a minute or so without knowing it I began to orgasm all over the place. I’m 32 it shot out with such force like if I was in my early 20s again. I looked it up and penile gland a stimulation is very common and has multiple health benefits. This form of stimulation works with men who also may have trouble achieving a full erection. It’ll help stay harder and fuller when stimulated and offers a pretty much hands/stroke free orgasm which is actually very intense. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested regardless of gender. Also if you’re a male and haven’t tried this gland stimulation before. Do it you will not regret it.

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